November 13, 2020

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New journey ahead... Joining the Microsoft Graph team!

New journey ahead... Joining the Microsoft Graph team!

This year has been such as roller coaster! From the Pandemic, to the lockdowns, to the work from home… We’ve been through a lot! And it looks like that this was not enough action for me! 😁

After almost 4 amazing years working with one of the best team in the industry (and hey! they are recruiting!), I am excited to announce that I joining Microsoft as a Senior Program Manager role within the Microsoft Graph team!

It’s been a great ride!

When I joined Valo in January 2017, I was totally alone in North America! We wanted to start implementing a small business unit to support and expand our partner network in Canada and in the US. I was playing the role of a Partner Manager and I got to collaborate with a ton of amazing professionals. We grew our revenue like crazy, the partner network went from a handful of partners to dozens of system integrators across all of North America and were able to build a full team of 10 people to support our activities.

I was also lucky enough to have my first “real” opportunity at product management by bringing the first-ever intranet-in-a-box built on Modern SharePoint to the market. We were able to grow our customer base by 300% and we were awarded tons of different prizes. I also had the opportunity to lead and ship our innovation product and I was lucky enough to close out on this journey with a ground-breaking Microsoft Teams solution called Valo Connect. By the end of this adventure, I was leading our Product Management practice as the Product Lead at Valo and I am proud of what we all accomplished. I can’t remember all the parties, the fun times and the sweat, but it was all worth it!

Read more on the Valo blog!

I can tell you that I’ve been blessed with exciting and incredibly rewarding challenges, fun times, and fabulous people. Valo helped me grow to understand what is a real product business, the importance of a team and the power of a partner network. I will never say thank you enough to everybody that helped me through the last 4 years from our amazing team, our customers and our partner network. It has been an experience I will never forget.

The future is so bright!

And now, I’m looking at the future, and it’s insanely bright! My excitement is at an all time high to join such an amazing team at Microsoft! The love story between me and the Microsoft Graph has started a long time ago… In 2015, I was already playing around the Office 365 Unified APIs, even before they were called the Microsoft Graph! I did a couple of sessions at different events and I just could see how the different developers I was talking to were excited about this technology. I was hooked and I have been focusing on this technology since then…

Come 2020, where the world seems to be on pause, there is nothing more powerful than utilizing the Microsoft Graph to connect Microsoft 365 data, insights and people to create the most effective and engaging experiences for the work from home era.

On November 23rd, I will be joining the Microsoft Graph team (with all the swag I can think of!) as a Senior Program Manager, focusing on the Partner and Customer experience, and will help the Microsoft Graph reach new heights! This is an amazing challenge and I am pumped about it! The team, led by Jeremy Thake, has been phenomenal with me already, and I haven’t officially joined yet! This will be another amazing chapter in my career!


Even though I’ll be losing my MVP award when joining Microsoft, I am really grateful of all the support the community provided in the past years and I’m looking forward to continue contributing even more!


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