September 26, 2016

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Your OfficeDev sessions for Microsoft Ignite 2016

Your OfficeDev sessions for Microsoft Ignite 2016

We can’t wait! Today Microsoft Ignite is starting and we want to learn everything about the future of the Office & SharePoint Development. This article lists all the sessions I find interesting for any Office and/or SharePoint developer. I will update this article with the recording of the sessions when they become available.

General Sessions

Microsoft Ignite Keynote [Link] - This is absolutely not to be missed. We will learn everything that will be announced during this year’s Ignite and will set the tone of the entire conference.

Innovation Keynote [Link] - The keynote of the keynotes. Satya Nadella will present its innovation roadmap and how Microsoft positions itselfs in a world of constant change. I predict a very inspiring session!

Office 365 Sessions

Power IT transformation with Office 365 [Link] - A session that will cover the entire Office 365 platform and all the experiences that it offers. Great way to start the week!

Build your intranet with Microsoft Office 365 [Link] - I know this session will be a packed one as it is a very hot topic around the Office 365 platform. Great way to understand the business aspect of customization in SharePoint Online and the components around it. Bonus points for Richard Harbridge, the session’s speaker, because he is an awesome dude and also because I love working with him every day!

SharePoint Sessions

Learn how SharePoint is reinventing content collaboration: vision and roadmap updates [Link] - I know this session will be a packed one as it is a very hot topic around the Office 365 platform. Great way to understand the business aspect of customization in SharePoint Online and the components around it. Bonus points for Jeff Teper, the father of SharePoint, that wil host this session. A huge thanks to him for embracing the SharePoint community since the beginning of the year by travelling the world to ear about SharePoint from the community members and to give the opportunity to share with us the Microsoft’s vision around productivity and the place of the SharePoint platform. SharePoint is cool again!

Discover the future of Microsoft SharePoint development [Link] - SharePoint is changing and its development ecosystem also. This session will be an awesome opportunity to learn about what new is coming to the SharePoint development world and how it will enhance your day-to-day experience as a SharePoint and Office 365 developer.

Get an introduction to the SharePoint Framework [Link] - 200-level session presenting everything around the what and the why of the newly announced SharePoint Framework! As a SharePoint developer, this session is a must as it will lay down a new set of capabilities and tools you have to master in this modern era! Bonus points for Bill Baer that is simply an awesome dude!

Review the SharePoint Framework: an open and connected platform [Link] - Overview and presentention at the Ignite Studios of the SharePoint Framework!

Build client-side web parts for Microsoft SharePoint [Link] - This is THE session not to be missed if you want to learn everything around the new SharePoint Framework and the new paradigm around client-site web parts! Very deep subject and very demo-oriented!

Learn about PnP and the new SharePoint Framework [Link] - The PnP Open Source project is for me the Open Source project of the year surrounding SharePoint and Office 365. You need to know about this initiative and the people running it. You will also understand that PnP is here to stay and that it drives all the Best Practices around the Office Development scene. Bonus points for Vesa Juvonen as the session’s speaker because he has an awesome finglish accent and because he is the father of the motto “Sharing is caring”.

Learn best practices for creating and managing SharePoint Site Templates [Link] - Site Templates are big in the SharePoint world and we all feel that this is not exactly where it should be (I’m looking at you ‘Save site as template’). This session will cover the best practices around the Site Templates and how you should be managing them. I am very confident that they will also talk about the PnP Remote Provisioning Engine that allows you to create a “Site Template” that is respecting all best practices around the SharePoint Online platform!

Look behind the scenes at how we’re making SharePoint’s front end/UX modern, responsive, and open [Link] - Learn about the new UI and UX techniques used by the Office 365 and SharePoint Teams that will make your life easier and how it all fits in the modern development techniques proposed by the SharePoint Framework.

Office Development Sessions

Access SharePoint files and lists using SharePoint API in Microsoft Graph API [Link] - The Microsoft Graph is probably my favorite subject around Office Development, and this session is its integration with the SharePoint API.

Create cross-platform mobile apps with Xamarin that connect to Office Services [Link] - With the recent purchase of Xamarin, Microsoft is now a very serious player in the mobile-world for Enterprise Developers. This session is the perfect combo between Mobile Development and Office Development. Experiences are change and users are expecting richer applications, from the desktop to their mobile. This session should be a very interesting one!

Get the roadmap for the future of Office and SharePoint development [Link] - You wand to learn where the Office & SharePoint development team are heading? This is where you need to be to lear about the Office Development roadmap. Absolutely not to be missed if you want to embrace the modern development workflow proposed by the Office, OneDrive and SharePoint teams!

Power your applications with Excel Workbooks as a Service [Link] - A very interesting session around the Microsoft Graph that you can’t miss. One of the most impressive aspect of the Graph is its native integration with Microsoft Excel and this session will give you a clear overview of the power of this integration! Bonus points for Yina Arenas for being an amazing presenter and one of the key people around the Microsoft Graph!

Access the Microsoft Graph API to supercharge your Line of Business Applications [Link] - This session will cover the integration of the Microsoft Graph API and Office 365. It will also focus on the Line of Business applications and how then can leverage this set of APIs.

Build real business solutions with Office 365 and OfficeDev PnP [Link] - A session around the OfficeDev PnP led by Paolo Pialorsi and its integration in the more complex Office 365 world including Azure AD, Office 365 Applications, Microsoft Graph, etc. Very interesting topic not to be missed!

Explore PnP Partner Pack for IT pros, admins and architects [Link] - Even if it’s more of an IT Pro focused session, this PnP Partner Pack is a master piece and you have to hear about it! This will cover the basic features around Site Provisioning, Responsive UI and Governance that the package offers.

Meetup: Office 365 Developers [Link] - A meetup of all Office 365 Developers! This session will be a lot of sharing around the challenges and approaches that developers from all over the world are having!

Learn what’s new with Microsoft Office 365 connectors [Link] - Very interesting topic around the Office 365 Connectors and how you can enhance the Office 365 overall experience with your own connectors!

Enterprise Development Sessions

Review the Microsoft application platform for developers [Link] - If you’re a developer, this one can’t be missed. A session that will cover the entire Microsoft Development story from DevOps, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Team Services, Azure and Office 365. Bonus points for the awesome Scott Hanselman as the session’s speaker!

Build business applications with Power Apps, Microsoft Flow, and Office 365 [Link] - If you want to learn the new models for Power User application composition, this the session to attend. PowerApps and Flow are the new kids in town that will replace parts of the problems you had with InfoPath and SharePoint Designer. It is also way bigger than just SharePoint, so in a cloud-first world, it is an awesome gift for the power users in the industry!

Build business apps for Office 365 - InfoPath, PowerApps, Flow and more [Link] - Very interesting session covering the roadmap of the no-code and low-code solutions around the SharePoint platform. It is also a very good session to learn about the integration between PowerApps & Flow with the SharePoint modern experiences!

##Conclusion Enjoy your time at Microsoft Ignite and feel free to drop me your comments on those sessions or if you think another Office Development session deserves a mention!

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