October 3, 2016

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SharePoint Saturday Quebec 2016

SharePoint Saturday Quebec 2016

What a great weekend we just had! It was the first edition of the SharePoint Saturday Quebec and we can conclude is was a real success! Even though this event is a fairly small one, I think attendees were delighted with the quality of the sessions and also with the logistics (venue, meals, etc.).

Thanks to our local Samuel Lévesque from Quebec, we were able to host this event without any problems and we were able to give tons of giveaways at the end of the day! Even better, we ended our day in a little bar that was literally accross the hallway of the venu where that had absolutely awesome craft beers and more than 200 scotches and whiskies. Wow!

In this day, I was not hosting any session but was sharing the stage with Serge Tremblay for the keynote. We did a little review of the different announcements of Ignite and then we simply introduced the day so everyone was comfortable with the themes of the day!

Here are some pictures that we took throughout the day.

Hassan Souhdi on Les clés d’une gestion de projets et de travail efficaces avec Project Online et Planner les outils stars d’Office 365

Serge Tremblay & Joris Faure on Configuration de MIM pour la synchronisation des profils avec SharePoint 2016

Franck Cornu on Votre intranet “Client-Side” en SharePoint Online/O365 avec PnP, Knockout JS, TypeScript, Webpack et bien plus encore!

Luc Labelle on Introduction à Flow et PowerApps

It’s lunch time!

Vincent Biret on Mise en place de votre processus devops pour vos développements Office/Office 365/SharePoint

Serge Tremblay on Les groupes Office 365 et Planner la nouvelle façon de collaborer!

Sylvain Cloutier on Stratégies et bonnes pratiques pour migrer des documents vers SharePoint

Samuel Lévesque on L’intranet de la Ville de Québec

Giveaway time!

Thanks to everyone joining the first edition of the SharePoint Saturday Quebec and see next year for some more SharePoint and Office 365 love!

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