January 16, 2017

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A new challenge is ahead of me - Joining Valo

A new challenge is ahead of me - Joining Valo

It’s been a while since I posted here, but I am looking into getting back to blogging rapidly! In the meantime, a lot of great thing happened and I wanted to recap the last couple of months.


I had an amazing experience working with one of the most qualified team of SharePoint and Office 365 professionals in a very long time. When I joined 2toLead in July 2016, I was not expecting that much of awesomeness from the team. I had to work on amazing challenging projects and I was able to get back to have my hands dirty by conducting the Development team best practices. It was a great way for me to get back to the roots and enjoy the power of code for a little while. I missed it as in the last couple of years I was more in the team management and sales side of things. I just want to thank everyone I worked with and looking forward meeting you again! SharePoint and Office 365 world is small, let’s connect soon!

Valo Intranet

My next endeavour is a very exciting and challenging one! I accepted a role of Product Evangelist and Partner Manager with the awesome team of Valo Intranet. I’ve always wanted to play deeply in the Office 365 & SharePoint Product industry and that role gives me the chance to have a great experience in that sphere.

I will be driving the product evangelism in North American where I will help building the Valo brand at events and online webinars. I will be also responsible to gather partners all over America and help them deliver quality Intranet solutions based on Valo to their own customers.

I’d like to thank the Sininen Meteoriitti team for their trust and I know that we will build great things this year! To use a very popular hashtag : #MakeValoInAmericaGreatAgain

See you soon in an event near you!

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