October 3, 2016

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Renewed as an Office Development MVP!

Renewed as an Office Development MVP!

October 1st is always a special day… A very special and stressful day! When I was first awarded in 2014 on the SharePoint platform, it was a total surprise and I was so proud! Then, every year, I really want to be renewd but I am always stressed!

This year was no exception. I had to do a crazy long road trip to get to Quebec for the SharePoint Saturday and I was expecting any scenario. Luckily enough, around 11 AM, I had the pleasure to receive the fabulous email confirming that I will be an MVP for another year! This feeling is always a great one and you can’t only be humble and honoured about this recognition.

Another change, this year I will represent the Office Development space and I can’t be more proud! Being a developer for the last 10 years around the SharePoint ecosystem, my contributions were mainly around the development space. Especially since the last 2 years where there is way too many cool things that are happening around Office 365, SharePoint, the Microsoft Graph, etc.

This year, I want to give me new challenges to help me contribute in my MVP area and to give back more broadly :

  • I want to contribute to the PnP initiative by committing code to the project
  • I want to contribute to the SharePoint Framework samples to ease the development of new comers to this new technique
  • I want to restart a podcast around the Office 365 ecosystem and invite my local community to have the opportunity to share on their favorite subjects
  • I want to blog on this site once per week on my lessons learned of the week

A small thank you note to the people around me that are always supporting me and let me do my crazy trips and my sleepless nights to get things done!

Let’s make this the year of Office Development! Cheers!

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