December 16, 2015

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yOS Tour Lyon 2015

yOS Tour Lyon 2015

Last week, on December 11th, I had the privilege to travel abroad and to visit the wonderful city of Lyon in France. I was invited by the team behind the yOS Tour to give a session called “Introduction à AngularJS pour Office 365”. Weird enough, I hadn’t given any french talk since a long moment and it was special to have the chance to speak to a crowd in my firsrt language! The event was absolutely amazing and our host, Étienne Baily, gave us a very good feeling of the city during the speaker dinner!

The session’s abstract was the following :

“Every developer hears about AngularJS and all the magic it does for you applications. In order to kickstart you AngularJS journey, this session is an introduction to the AngularJS concepts applied to any Office 365 development. Different workloads will be targeted (Mail, Calendar, Files) and the Office 365 API will be our main datasource. We will also cover SharePoint Online specific data access (Office 365 API, REST, CSOM and Search) to meet your current development needs.

The 3 key takeaways of this session are :

  • You will understand the basics of the AngularJS framework
  • You will learn how to communicate withthe Office 365 through AngularJS
  • You will be able to apply those new skills in your next project”

The slides

The code

You can find the code of the provided OfficeHub AngularJS application on my GitHub available right here :

Thanks everyone who attended my session and I hope I will have the chance to come back in France next year for a community-related event!

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