August 18, 2015

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Webinar - Office 365 & PowerShell : A match made in heaven

Tomorrow (August 19th 2015, 9AM EST), I will have the privilege to present a 60-minutes Webinar hosted by the folks at the European SharePoint Community. This webinar will cover how we can manage, maintain and monitor our Office 365 environment (especially our SharePoint Online) with PowerShell with the help of the Office 365 API.

There are a few spots left and you can register here :

Here’s the abstract of the session :

In a world where we hear more and more about DevOps and continuous integration, your Office 365 integration process might be lacking some good practices and ways to automate everything. In this session, we will cover how you can use PowerShell to ease the deployment process of your applications, the monitoring of your tenants and the maintenance of all the workloads of Office 365. Being a demo-intensive session, be prepared to see a lot of PowerShell and Office 365 API code!

It is always a big pleasure for me to be able to present such a great topic to people that are passionate about the Office 365 platform! Don’t hesitate to ping me on Twitter or anywhere else if you have any questions on that subject !

I hope to see you there ! Cheers !

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