June 19, 2015

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SPBiz 2015 : A real success !

I had the pleasure and privilege to hold a session during last SPBiz Conference. It was a great experience and I had a blast exchanging with lots of Business users about the SharePoint story about forms and authoring experiences.

My session

My session was all about forms! It can be found here (https://spbiz.conferencehosts.com/confs/2015-1/spbiz07/ConfPages/SessionRoom.aspx) if you register! This subject is one that is very important to me. How many times did we had to work on different alternatives to regular SharePoint forms? Every project has a moment where SharePoint forms are not enough anymore. And this is where we built all those tips & tricks around the forms-story.

The abstract of the sessions was this one :

SharePoint, being a list and data driven platform, is all about forms and the options that are left to the power users seem to be very limited. This session will uncover useful tips on how to leverage different SharePoint components to enhance any SharePoint form. By using all native configurations, even if Microsoft did not provide a real replacement for InfoPath yet, you will be able to customize your SharePoint forms and be considered a real Rock Star!

The speaking experience

Our hosts, Collaboris and all their sponsors, were amazing people to work with. You can’t even imagine the amount of work they have put in to be able to deliver a quality conference for free to more dans 3200 attendees! Always there to help you when you need, listening to our questions, bending limits to allow speakers to deliver the best sessions… I have to say that they deserve a HUGE round of applause for what they did. It was a great experience and I can’t wait for their next event (a pretty insane one) with Collab365, the 24-hours long Collaboration conference on October 8th 2015 (http://www.collab365.events/).

The slides

For the curious people out there, here are the slides of my session

The recording

Luckily enough, the sessions will be available online very soon ! I will update this post when the recording is fully available !

The sessions are now available ! You can go directly on the SPBiz site to get to all the session or directly here (https://spbiz.conferencehosts.com/confs/2015-1/spbiz07/ConfPages/SessionRoom.aspx) to get to my session!

The code

I promised that I would put my code on GitHub but I will instead link you to the PnP GitHub repo that was the exact same thing I demoed during the session!

I hope you liked the session and feel free to drop a comment to be able to get the conversation a step further!

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